Surface Preparation & power washing in bury

Multiblast NW is an established business with a proven record of catering to all the industrial cleaning needs of customers in Bury and throughout the Northwest, from power washing to graffiti removal.

Industrial cleaning specialists you can trust

Multiblast NW specialises in both abrasive and non-abrasive cleaning of brick, stone, marble and concrete. This will enhance the appearance of buildings, structures and surfaces which may have suffered from modern pollutants, for example, harsh weather, traffic and general neglect along with natural growths like moss and algae. All of these take away from the natural beauty and character but with our environmentally friendly and biodegradable solutions, original appearance such as colour and detail can be restored. Using the latest cleaning systems and techniques, our service does not cause further damage to surfaces and structures.










Graffiti removal



Brick and stone cleaning

There are various methods and techniques used to carry out cleaning that achieves excellent results on different surfaces, including:

  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Steam cleaning under pressure
  • Chemical application
  • Soda blasting

We continually use the safest and most effective techniques to ensure an eye catching result.

Graffiti removal and prevention

Graffiti has become a common sight and is a huge problem because it:

  • Looks unsightly
  • Can be offensive
  • Makes an area appear run down or neglected
  • Encourages anti-social behaviour
  • Can be difficult and expensive to remove

As part of our service, we offer graffiti removal and prevention services to customers in Northwest.

Soda blasting

Soda blasting is an alternative form of graffiti removal. Not only is it environmentally friendly but it is also surface friendly.

Soda blasting is the use of bicarbonate of soda in conjunction with compressed air which can also remove rust, paint and other coatings. Although the process is abrasive it is relatively gentle and can be used on virtually any surface without any resulting scratching or warping.

A popular service we offer is the anti-graffiti treatment which seals the surface so that it cannot be penetrated. This way graffiti can easily be removed and leaves the protective coating in place and active.

Work force

We aim to consistently provide a high standard of service, using a small but fully trained work force with no work being subcontracted. All our operatives are regularly updated and re-trained in the latest techniques and equipment. Our personnel also attend regular safety training to minimise any risk to operatives, the public or building structures.

Health and safety

It is the aim of the company to ensure/provide:

  • Adequate controls of all health and safety risks
  • Assessment and control in providing safe equipment
  • Full training in respect of health and safety including instruction and supervision
  • Provide necessary safety equipment/PPE
  • Training in the use of chemicals/substances
  • Prevention of accidents and work related incidents
  • Safe working conditions
  • Safe on-site working areas

This policy is reviewed regularly and full public and employer’s liability insurance cover is in place.
COSHH notes can be provided on request

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