Blast cleaning in Bury

If you're looking for safe blasting techniques for your property, then Multiblast NW is the right choice for you.
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Reliable blasting services

At Multiblast NW, we use a variety of media and high-performance equipment to clean, restore and protect buildings and structures.
Multiblast NW employ safe blasting practices to level out surfaces and restore properties to their natural state.
We are happy to serve clients throughout the Northwest.

We offer:

Sand blasting
Soda blasting
Glass blasting

Our blasting equipment can clean buildings, floors, pathways, statues, stone surfaces and more. Contact us with your queries.

Soda blasting specialists

This form of blasting uses natural materials like soda bicarbonate and compressed air to provide an abrasive blast. This process helps remove different types of contaminants and polluting agents from surfaces, both interior and exterior. This is one of the safest blasting methods employed. Multiblast NW also offer effective glass blasting solutions.

For all your blasting needs in Bury and across the Northwest.